McElroy Family


James Clayton

James - buried in Shrewsbury Church Yard (P.E.) Kent Co. MD. Studied Law with Chancellor Killen of Dover. William Hall and Thomas Clayton, Chief Justice of Delaware

John Clayton (III)

John - Admiralty Judge of Delaware in 1776 under the new Constitution. Member Delaware Assembly 1777. Commissioned Justice of the Court of Common Pleas & Orphans Court February 13, 1788 to July 5, 1790. Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of Delaware September 16, 1793

James Clayton

Born: Kent Co. MD area

There's reference on, that James was marred to "Eleanor Edinfield", born of John Paul Edenfield (Unknown - 1771).

Grace ?

Was living on May 2, 1761. Renounced adminstration of husband's estate

John Clayton Sr.

Had lands in Kent County in 1695.
Adminisrtator on estate of Maurice Smith, executor having died 07/02/1698
Administration of his estate granted 01/27/1724
Accompanied partens in the "Submission" aged 11 years.

Joshua Clayton

- Son of John Clayton, Sr. and brother of John Clayton, Jr.
- Joshua had a daughter (name unknown), who married a Congil.

James Clayton

From Middlewitch, Co. Chester England - Sailed to Pennsylvania on the ship "Submission" 09/05/1682 at age 50. Settled in Kent Co. Deleware. Had lands in Dover Hundred assessed in 1693.

Died intestate in 1696. Admimstration of estate granted 03/13/1696.

Land owned in Kent Co. called Clayton Hall in 1689

John Clayton Jr.

Born: Kent Co. MD area